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Umami Mart

Yarai Mixing Glass

Price: $34.00

Made by Ninomiya

The mixing glass from Japan is an age-old bartending tool, used to build and stir classic cocktails like the Martini and the Manhattan. This version by Ninomiya Crystal incorporates a classic Japanese Yarai-weave pattern*, and has become a rising star in the cocktail world, used by the most seasoned bar professionals. Its wide base, sturdy grip and beaker-like spout all make this a functional and exquisite addition to any bar.

Read about how to properly use a mixing glass on Umami Mart here.

● 500ml (17oz.); 5"H x 3.5"D
● Wide mouth and base
● Beaker-like spout for a smooth pour
● Heavy, thick-walled glass
● Fits standard-sized Julep and Hawthorne strainers
● Made in Japan

*Please note that Yarai is the name of a traditional Japanese weave-pattern, not the name of the manufacturer. 

**This product is the regular seamed mixing glass by Ninomiya Crystal Company, not the seamless mixing glass. Find details about our seamless mixing glass here.


Recently, we have received feedback that this mixing glass breaks in a very uniform way, where the "bottoms fall off." This seems to occur mostly to customers in high-use atmospheres (bars and restaurants), and we are working on a solution with the manufacturer of the glass in Japan. The glass manufacturer believes that it is caused by the difference in the thickness of the glass (the bottom vs. walls), and the annealing process during production (heating up and properly cooling down the glass).

As an alternative, please consider the Seamless or Plain mixing glass, designed by Umami Mart. These glasses are hand-blown in a glass factory in Tokyo, and have no reported breakage issues as those described above. We have never received complaints from home-users of this mixing glass. Again, it seems to be an issue where the mixing glass is being used excessively.

We always ask that you hand wash any of the mixing glasses purchased at Umami Mart, whether at home or at a bar/restaurant. Please contact us any time at shop@umamimart.com with questions or feedback about our mixing glasses. 

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Kayoko + Yoko
Umami Mart Founders
13. April. 2014